Undoubtedly you’ve heard the term Content Marketing. As digital marketing trends have leaned more towards an inbound marketing strategy, and more and more businesses turn to the internet to generate new, high-quality leads, content marketing has become the go to term.

What is Content Marketing?

At it’s core, content marketing is a digital marketing tactic that is focused on creating valuable, relevant content to attract a particular customer avatar. This marketing strategy is focused on ongoing creation and distribution of such content that relates to your vertical.

Content is the link between your website, ranking on the internet, and SEO keywords. For a long time we thought of content as just the text on our website, but now it’s even more than that. Content is everything you and your business share on your website to include on blogs, social media, newsletters, press releases, articles, etc. The purpose is to not only share content that relates primarily to your services, but that also provides value to your marketing avatars. In retrospect outbound marketing focuses on pushing your messages out to anyone and everyone. It’s virtually impossible to gauge what type of value return you are getting on this method of marketing. Content Marketing is an organic search marketing approach designed to draw in your ideal avatar to your funnel; by providing targeted content that pertains to your customer value optimization (more on that in a later blog!!).

Content Marketing is so valuable because it gives your target audience something of value in exchange for their permission to educate them further on your services, instead of just pushing your services. It’s also about offering this content to systematically gauge when a prospect would be willing to purchase, by creating the content for each phase of the Sales Funnel (Attract/Consideration/Decision).

Benefits of Content Marketing

There are many benefits to content marketing for your accounting firm:

  • Increases your visibility to your target audience: Content Marketing increases your ranking on the web and on platforms like social media. In general, its about increasing the chances youll be found on relevant platforms. And, by offering content that relates to your avatar, you can spend more time on the types of people you want to reach instead of just shouting into the Grand Canyon.
  • Improves SEO ranking and website traffic: Search engines LOVE content (it enables them to index your website in a more efficient way). Offering new content on a blog can help drive your website’s SERP ranking. Also, posting this valuable content out to other platforms that link back to your website will further improve your website’s optimization and additionally it help to drive traffic.
  • Build trust, authority, and loyalty: It’s one thing to only say that you provide accounting and tax services, it’s another to show your knowledge and to be helpful. Strategic content that offers knowledgeable tidbits helps the prospective client build trust in you. It shows that you’re an expert in your field. And, for clients you already have, it helps to improve loyalty and retention.
  • Develop a strong online reputation: The truth is, consumers, use the internet to find local services like accountants. 97% of people turn to the internet to find local businesses. If you don’t have a strong online presence, you’re probably not capturing these people.

What does it entail?

Your content marketing strategy includes anything and everything from blogging to sending email newsletters to posting to social media. When content marketing is done right it can be extremely effective. The problem is good content marketing can be time-consuming. A good content marketing plan for your accounting firm should include monthly blog posts, multiple valuable posts to social media, optimization of local listings, and newsletters sent to your mailing lists. Like with all marketing efforts you can choose to DIY your content marketing and take on the responsibility in-house or you can outsource your content marketing. Build Your Firm offers a Content Marketing-in-a-Box. Outsource your accounting firm’s content marketing to us and we’ll take over your blog, local listings, newsletter, and social media posts.

Content Marketing might feel like just the next trendy marketing tactic but the truth is, it’s here to stay. While Content Marketing is extremely effective, it needs to be done right. Remember, the purpose is to share valuable, relevant content to your target audience. It’s not about being sales-y and always pitching your services. It’s about building trust and authority and growing your overall presence online.