Let’s Face it Inbound Marketing is a lot like shiny sports cars and loud engines, they are sexy; while oil dry and windshield washer fluid are not. Inbound Marketing enables you to portray that problem-bridge-solution mentality to entice them. Your customer sees the value in the finished product, but not really everything it takes to keep said car running at maximum performance.

Age demographics play a key role in how to reach out to potential customers. The Baby Boomers grew up knowing about the importance of vehicle maintenance and repairs while the Millennials are very much uneducated in the realm of vehicle maintenance, and repair costs. In fact, a 2016 study conducted by NerdWallet found that 64 percent of Millennials are shocked by the cost of car maintenance.

So, how does Inbound Marketing come into play? In the past, traditional forms of advertising were very effective, such as newspaper and radio ads along with Television commercials. Today the old traditional forms of advertising and marketing are fading away, being replaced by Inbound Marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound Marketing uses creative content to draw your customers to you, instead of having to “Shout out” using the old methods. Social media along with email campaigns and web designs can not only bring new customers to you but show them the value of your brand.

How is this done? A carefully planned out Inbound Marketing campaign can attract an entire spectrum of people towards your brand. A recent report from Forbes stated that 75% of Baby Boomers are active on Facebook; However, for Millennials, every other measured social media platform (YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn) was found to be more popular with millennials than non-millennials.

So how do you reach them all? An Inbound Marketing campaign can be tailored to reach every facet of social media, to provide content that not only interests your targeted demographic but educates them as well. You guide them on their buyer’s journey by delivering content that can tell them things such as, “Why is this important to do?”, “Why is this necessary?” The questions like this, so they will learn and understand.

Inbound Marketing is all about creating a personal relation with each and every customer.

So How can we help? If you feel a bit daunted, or would like to know more, contact us.