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Blog Article | 4 min read | January 21, 2019

Inbound or Content marketing, it seems like it’s the hottest trend in digital marketing for just about any business. Thing is it’s not a trend, it’s a proven marketing strategy that any business can use to receive amazing results.

What is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is a methodology that concentrates on attracting customers to your business, rather than you going and looking for customers. (You know, that crappy traditional format we call outbound or interruption marketing.)

Now that inbound marketing is becoming such a vital tool for growing your online presence, businesses are faced with a decision: Do we hire an inbound marketing agency or staff an in-house employee to manage our marketing? While hiring isn’t a bad thing, you can’t ignore all the benefits of hiring a inbound marketing agency.

I’ve compiled what I thing are the top 7 benefits your company would receive by hiring a inbound marketing agency to oversee your marketing efforts:

The top 7 benefits of hiring an inbound marketing agency

1. You get marketing expertise from an entire team of inbound marketers

The biggest benefit of hiring an inbound marketing agency is that you not only get expert strategists that will build your marketing plan, but you also get a team of designers, copywriters, SEO experts, and the list goes on. On top of that, the cost to hire just one marketing professional is typically 33% higher than an agency (wonderful aspect of economies of scale!!). If you were to find a marketing professional that was adept in all these areas, you would be look at nearly 2-3x the agency cost (now supply and demand).

2. It also Gives you more time to focus on your business

This one is pretty obvious! When you hire an inbound marketing agency, they take lead on all of your marketing needs. At Ideas Ignite Marketing Agency we develop your marketing strategy as if we were right there next to you. We schedule regular monthly meetings to discuss the progress and our analysis, and then develop the next phase based upon our data. This takes a massive burden off of your company and gives you more time to focus on what you do best.

3. An inbound marketing agency can bring you more qualified leads

Inbound marketing agencies focus on your targeted audience so that we can produce quality content that is relevant (and irresistible). We follow simple principles that walk the buyer through the sales funnel so when your sales staff receives them, they are at the close point (or damn close). This will reduce your staffing hours contacting leads that aren’t interested.

4. It’s cost-effective (have you noticed the trend)

Research shows us that businesses that rely on inbound marketing strategies have a significantly lower cost per lead than those utilizing only outbound marketing methods. In fact, in an article written by Hubspot, they make the claim that:

The average cost per lead for outbound-dominated businesses was $346. In comparison, the average cost per lead for businesses leveraging primarily inbound techniques was $135.

Can you say “YAHTZEE!”?

5. You get an unbiased perspective on things

The difference between a good marketing agency and one that’s just there is a good agency will give you facts. They are not afraid to step on your toes to tell you what you need to hear. A good agency is in this with you, we are partners and when you succeed we do also. They offer valuable, genuine advice and improvements on your marketing strategies, which could be tougher for an internal team to communicate.

6. You gain access to the latest technology and tools with the expertise needed to run them

Digital marketing tools can increase efficiency, productivity, and overall performance. Sure you can add any tool you want to your repertoire but if you don’t have a trained individual to utilize it, what good is it going to do? A trusted inbound marketing agency will have certified employees for all of their premium marketing tools.

7. Impressive analytical reporting

Analytical reporting and the dreaded ROI. It’s something that easily gets overlooked when you have an in-house individual doing all the work. A great thing about an inbound agency is that they should have access to really awesome reporting software. At Ideas Ignite Marketing we like to send our clients monthly reports to show them where they’re excelling and where the marketing efforts can be improved.

A GREAT Inbound Marketing Agency

A great inbound marketing agency will be equipped to work on all things digital marketing including: creating SEO-friendly blog content, developing high converting landing pages, social media promotion and more. When your website has been optimized and the methodology and strategies have been put into place, you can sit back and watch the leads come in.

Looking at all these benefits, you can see why there’s a strong case for hiring an inbound marketing agency to handle all your Inbound Marketing needs. Just remember this is only the top reason’s I believe – in terms or cost, productivity, and quality – if you’re ready to see what an inbound marketing agency can do for you, give us a call or contact us online. We’d love to discuss your goals and how together we can achieve them.