As an accountant, you are focused on assisting your clients in planning for their financial future. But what are you doing to secure your business’ future? Is marketing strategy on your radar? Do you have a marketing strategy, or even know where to start? Even if your accounting firm is already known, it’s typically not enough to wait for clients to find their way to your office. To truly grow your accounting business, in 2019, you need to have a strong online presence. I know, I know, you get tons of referrals. And referrals will always be important, the issue is more and more people are going online to find a provider or thoroughly vet one who has been recommended to them by their friends. So, it is more than vital to make a strong, positive impression when they look for your firm online.

At Ideas Ignite Marketing, our team understands what it takes to transform clicks into clients, our founder began his career in the accounting industry. While working for a firm, he was tasked with driving business acquisition. He also started a CAS firm and used digital inbound marketing to drive client acquisition, sold his part to his partner and Ideas Ignite was born. John has built this agency to truly capitalize on lessons learned while in industry. Here are some insights to start building and enhancing your online presence:


#1. Build the Foundation

The cornerstone of digital inbound marketing depends on your ability to relay your value to your target audience by leveraging different non-intrusive digital marketing channels. As an accounting firm, knowing what value you bring to your customer is the first step, but the more important next step is how do we disseminate that value. In days gone past firms used traditional marketing methods; such as print, radio, TV advertising, and paper-based direct mailing efforts. Google/Amazon/and the likes have transformed our buyers and marketing the same way doesn’t produce the results that were once seen. We need to change the way accounting firms get that message out – with the right strategy, you can reach more prospects than ever before, for significantly less cost. The best part is you can track and measure your progress every step of the way. It’s all in the numbers and the smartest and fastest growing accounting firms are now leveraging their digital presence to reach more clients.


#2. Have a Solid Digital Marketing Strategy

Utilizing the digital inbound marketing methodology helps you to identify and target who your potential clients are, what it is you want to say to them (and how they want to hear it from you), how you intend to get that to them, how you’re going to measure the return on your marketing investment (yes that’s right it’s not wasted money), and where you go next. Your strategy will depend on your accounting firm’s specific goals be it; more prospects, better prospects, more retained clients. To achieve the best results, an accounting firm should establish and implement a detailed and well researched digital inbound marketing strategy. This strategy will start with an agile website that is mobile optimized, search engine optimization (SEO) along with Local SEO optimization, content creation, and social media outreach. Firms also need to us digital media for aspects that go beyond marketing, like customer service and recruiting the best talent.


#3. Know Your Audience & Where to Find Them

Identifying your audience is the next step in building your digital marketing plan (AKA Lead Generating Machine..). As an accounting firm, who are the prospects you are seeking for your service and how can you make it so damn easy they find you? It’s the digital age! People don’t ask questions to other people…they Google the question. They then consume tons of content, researching the best fit for their need; before they even talk to you! These people are typically on the move and they’re using smartphones to manage their lives. So, having a solid mobile-friendly website will not only give you credibility but it will also give the impression that your company is bigger and more successful than it may actually be. Having a mobile app is not required for most businesses, but ensuring your website is mobile-friendly is a must however.


#4. Leverage Social Media

Ok ok, we all think social media is just a platform for people to share cute dog pictures/gifs [include dog gif], or what you ate last night, or even…a platform for dumb people to have a voice (ugh…I went there). In my opinion there are far too many businesses that think this is true. But the savviest of firms have moved beyond this thought. As early as 2012, a study has found that nearly 3 out of 4 financial services providers intended to increase their online marketing presence by 23 percent over the next twelve months—and this was in 2012! Social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are a great way to communicate with your local community, side note they are also a great way to drive people to your website. It’s now 2019, the firm that undertakes a digital approach to a marketing program is positioning itself for success in the future; whereas a firm that doesn’t will not grow.


The digital age has created enormous opportunities for those who embrace digital channels for business. With the right online digital marketing strategy, your business will be more efficient and poised to take on the next decade. Digital & social media marketing presents an opportunity for accounting firms to keep up to date with industry developments, competitor activity as well as interacting with current and potential clients.

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